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Unity & New Thought:
Music and Leadership

Well-versed in many musical genres, Cathy DeWitt is a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and harp therapist. She has been a Unity Music Director and touring New Thought musician for over twenty years, working with Revs. Sharon Connor, Marciah McCartney, Peggy Hostetler, Mary Masters, and more. She has been a guest musician and speaker at churches, spiritual retreats and events throughout the country, and has provided music for Alan Cohen, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and others. Her songs published in Unity Association songbooks include “Spirit of Spring (Joy Chant),” “Sweet Spirit,” and “For the Pure in Heart,” and her song “Everybody’s Somebody’s Child” was a finalist in the Posi-Awards video category in 2012. Her original melody for James Dillet Freeman’s “Prayer for Protection” is used at many Unity churches, especially in Florida.

Her latest recording The Traveler: New Music to the Words of James Dillet Freeman includes a complete CD, a Performance Tracks CD, and a full Songbook with sheet music and lyrics. This collaboration across time and space, with wonderful musicians and brilliant production, has gotten rave reviews from Unity churches, and delighted Freeman’s widow, Virginia Love-Freeman who says “the music is wonderful, and really honors James.”

In conjunction with this release, Cathy presents an interactive program called The Traveler: James Dillet Freeman’s Words in Music, Message, and Meditation. This program offers a deep exploration of the philosophy and poetry of James Dillet Freeman, and how reconnecting with our own creativity can enhance and enrich our lives. Cathy presents this as a musical Sunday morning service, a meditation service, or a participatory songwriting/poetry workshop.

Cathy offers other interactive workshops, musical Sunday service messages, and Unity retreats:

Unexpected Journeys: Resistance is Futile! As a Sunday service, this tells the personal story of my own leap into Arts in Medicine—bringing music into the healthcare environment—which was a complete detour, and resulted in a rewarding career. What we resist not only persists, but also can bring us the most valuable experiences of our lives. As a workshop, this includes exercises in listening, singing, and playing instruments to create an alternate environment and practice becoming open to the messages of the Universe.

Rhythms of the Universe: A participatory and fun workshop taught in conjunction with her husband Rob Rothschild, a professional drummer for over twenty years. This program helps people find their own rhythm, dance and play in a safe and loving group setting. Instruments for all are provided. Create your own chants out of your affirmations!

Melody and Memory, Modes and Moods
: Using music to trigger memories, create community and enhance mood. An experiential workshop that explores the unique way music creates both an individual subjective experience and a unifying community experience. Shows how different modes and tunings can have different emotional, mental, spiritual and physiological effects.

She is internationally known within the Arts in Healthcare field as a musician-in-residence, performer, lecturer, and presenter of educational and experiential workshops on Music & Healing, Creating Successful Arts in Healthcare Programs, and research results connecting Creativity & Healthy Aging.

Cathy also organizes regional retreats and performances for Unity and other organizations. She has presented concerts for workshops and lectures featuring Bernie Siegel, Larry Dossey and Deepak Chopra, as well as sharing the stage with many well-known musicians including Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Lesley Gore, Dave Frischberg, Sloan Wainwright, Faith Rivera, Harold Payne, Greg Tamblyn, David Roth, Richard Mekdici, and Sue K. Riley.

Cathy on the harp
Cathy's workshops
Cathy DeWitt, Unity FM
Join Cathy and her guests as they share meaningful moments where music has helped them through times of crisis, upheaval and transformation. Meet professionals who have seen the powerful effect of music as a therapeutic intervention in healthcare settings, schools, and memory-care facilities. Hear the amazing stories from caregivers, patients, and students who have experienced these musical transformations. Joining Cathy will be many musicians who are part of the Positive Music movement, and they will describe their own personal experiences with music, and how it helped them in their lives. You will also be immersed in these musical moments through live and recorded performances on the show.

Thoughts from people who have experienced Cathy’s work:

“I have had the privilege and joy of working with and knowing Cathy DeWitt both as musical director at Unity of Gainesville, Fl., one of the directors of the Arts In Medicine program at Shands Hospital, an amazing jazz performer and one of our New Thought Posi-nominated singer songwriters. Her style is one of a kind, her gifts are multidimensional and her ability to enchant an audience is sublime. Cathy’s newest album, “The Traveler” shines the light on James Dillet Freeman’s poems, enhancing the meaningful words of Unity’s Poet Laureate with her unique talent for creating beautiful music. She is an extraordinary artist, musician, healer and transformational leader.”

–Rev. Marciah McCartney

Cathy’s presentation was a blend of music and information, showmanship and audience participation, expertly led with humility and groundedness. We benefitted as well by experiencing how singing even a simple song raises spirits. Cathy’s message was inspiring to me, making me want to use my talents to give more service. She appears to be a self-actualized person, letting her creativity flow, and willingly sharing joy and well-being.”

–Diana Kavoy – IONS Ocala, FL

I have the opportunity to hear a great deal of New Thought/New Age music and what I hear in your music is not only a musician at the top of her craft but also a performance infused with the divine energy of Source. Thank you so much for sharing this part of you with me!”

Valleri Jayne Crabtree – Host, Author, Speaker

Churches where Cathy has been a guest musician or worship leader:

In Florida:
Unity of Gainesville (Music Director)
Unity of Ocala (Music Director)
Oakbrook Life Enrichment Center (Ocala)
Unity of the Villages (Summerfield)
Unity of Fort Myers
Unity of Daytona Beach
Unity Orlando
Unity of Sebring
Unity of Vero (Vero Beach)
Unity of Clearwater
Unity of Today, Tampa
First Unity Church St. Petersburg
Unity Church Jensen Beach
Center for Spiritual Living, St. Augustine
Throughout the USA:
Unity Village, Lee’s Summit, MO
Unity of Buffalo, NY
Unity Church, Farmington Hills, MI
Unity Fellowship Church, Williamsburg, VA
Unity of New Braunfels, TX
Unity of Kauai, Hawaii
Unity Church of Kona, Hawaii
Unity in Marin, San Rafael, CA
Unity of Portland, OR
Unity by the Sea, Gleneden Beach, OR
Wayfarer’s Unity, Dillard, GA
Unity in the Heart, St. Paul, MN
Unity of Columbia, SC
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, GA