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Sumptuous vocals backed by an all-star band, this recording explores the great American jazz songbook, showcasing two vocalists or players intertwining their sound to create something fresh and joyous. Duets features some of the finest players around, including Dawn Royston, Don David, Ricky Kendall, Thomas Royal, Taylor Roberts, Ed Legare, Ben Grier, David Ottenberg, Jon Jackson, John Chapman, Christine Alicot, and Rob Rothschild.

“This recording explores the great American jazz songbook, showcasing two vocalists or players intertwining their sound to create something fresh and joyous.”

The tunes:

  1.  (I Get) Spring Fever in the Fall 
  2.  Skylark 
  3.  Like Someone in Love 
  4.   Love is Here to Stay 
  5.  Why Did I Choose You 
  6.  Bye Bye Blackbird 
  7.  Strange Meadowlark 
  8.  Rainbow Connection/Over the Rainbow 
  9.  Blue Bossa 
  10. I Remember You 
  11. Into the Mystic 
  12. And Not a Sound Was Heard 
Patchwork On Track

On Track was recorded live during several performances throughout Florida, and it includes a song selection that really shows off the band’s versatility. There are bluegrass tunes like Second Wind and Pig in a Pen, swing tunes like Choo Choo Ch’Boogie and Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring, and Patchwork’s trademark Mo’Grass treatments of pop hits like The Loco-motion and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Click on any of the songs above to hear a sample.

A few wonderful musicians make guest appearances, including David Cook on dobro and guitar, Jacob Lawson on fiddle, Bob McPeek on guitar, Rob Rothschild on drums, and Kellie Rucker on harmonica.

The tunes:

  1.  More Water
  2.  Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
  3.  You’re the One
  4.  The Loco-motion
  5.  Anytown
  6.  Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
  7.  Pig in a Pen
  8.  Rockingham Cindy
  9.  If That Train Doesn’t Stop at Your Station
  10.  Chattanooga Choo Choo
  11.  Second Wind
  12.  Stetson and Superman
  13.  Shy Ann From Old Cheyenne
  14.  Grace and Juliet
  15.  This Old Town
  16.  Girls Just Want to Have Fun
The Traveler

These songs on The Traveler represent a collaboration across time and space between composer, pianist, and vocalist Cathy DeWitt, and the beloved poet laureate of the Unity movement, James Dillet Freeman. Cathy’s compositions are each uniquely and perfectly suited to both the message and the cadence of Dillet’s distinctive poetry. Hearing Cathy sing these words is a truly joyous experience! Learn more about each of the songs here.

From the opening notes of the Celtic flute on the first song, this album draws you into a world of beauty, magic, comfort and inspiration. Melodies of love, faith and kindness are sung to an accompaniment of lush organic sounds, filling the listener with peace and plenty of “goosebump moments.”

The tunes:

  1.  Oneness
  2.  Just for One More Day
  3.  Out of Forever
  4.  And Not a Sound Was Heard
  5.  The Church That I Love Best
  6.  The Traveler
  7.  Faith
  8.  God is Truth
  9.  Rivers Hardly Ever
  10. Breathing
  11. Take Time This Christmas
  12. Prayer For Protection



All original, uplifting music inspired by Cathy’s twenty-plus years as a Unity musician. The music on DreamSong includes Spring Fever in the Fall, a winner in the jazz category of the 2007 International Unisong Contest, and Everybody’s Somebody’s Child, winner of two Honorable Mentions in the 2006 International Unisong Contest. Recorded with many talented friends, including Christine Alicot on flute, Kathleen Olive on piano, and Jackson DeWitton didgeridoo.

“I want to thank you many times over for creating such an inspiring and powerful work of art. The energy in your lyrics is felt so strongly and infused with grace and love.”

J. S., Monterey, CA

The tunes:

  1.  Bright Morning Stars
  2.  Thanks Giving
  3.  Spirit of Spring
  4.  DreamSong
  5.  Everybody’s Somebody’s Child
  6.  Wisdom Round
  7.  For the Pure in Heart
  8.  Gamble’s Song (The Waves Roll In)
  9.  Arms (Are for Hugging)
  10. Spring Fever in The Fall
  11. Sweet Spirit
  12. The Prayer of Protection
Patchwork Rides Again

Patchwork Rides Again,  a mix of great Florida folk tunes and quite a few originals by the girls, is a big favorite for Patchwork fans.

The album opens with DeWitt’s original, My Heart Belongs to Florida (a finalist in the Best New Florida Song Contest), followed by Rucker’s My Heart That You Hold.

Two of Florida’s iconic rivers, the Ichetucknee and the Suwanee, are featured in songs, and you’ll recognize Patchwork’s unique twist on some old standards, Helplessly Hoping by CSN, the jazzy It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing), and the rhythm and blues hit, Rescue Me.

Try it—you won’t be disappointed!

The tunes:

  1.  My Heart Belongs to Florida
  2.  My Heart That You Hold
  3.  Sail Away Ladies
  4.  Florida Sand
  5.  Helplessly Hoping/Round the Horn
  6.  Shady Grove
  7.  Ichetucknee
  8.  Thank Heavens for Dale Evans
  9.  Rescue Me
  10.  Slow Dancing
  11. O’Leno Blues
  12. Banks of the Suwannee
  13. It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing)
Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York was recorded during the time of the band’s weekly gig at Farah’s, which lasted for three years. Like Charlie Bush, Sloane and Ottenberg used the club as a performance venue for their better students. Along with locals and players passing through, a lot of young people sat in, including the Farahs’ son Nick, a jammin’ sax player at age twelve. Mike drove up from Tampa to play. Many players came by regularly, including Nick DeCarlis, Lenny Kesl, and pianist Hank Herring, who all played at the concert where this CD was recorded.

Even with this long history, this is actually MoonDancer’s first CD. It was recorded at the Gainesville Friends of Jazz & Blues 2001 Holiday Concert at the Thomas Center by our friend Jay Klein (often a guest percussionist at Farah’s). We hope you enjoy it!

The tunes:

  1. Tenor Madness
  2. Autumn in New York
  3. Someday My Prince Will Come
  4. In a Sentimental Mood
  5. Wave
  6. Gentle Rain
  7. Round Midnight
  8. Triste
  9. Moondance
Love Notes

Love Notes was recorded live at a series of concerts in tribute to the late jazz guitarist Charlie Bush. It features some of Gainesville’s finest jazz players, including Fran Sullivan, Dave Sloane, and Roland Burns.

“I’ve been so lucky to sing these beautiful songs with such an incredible group of musicians. Each one brings their own special flavor to the mix,” Cathy says. “I’m very grateful to all of them for their creativity and support.” This recording is imbued with an almost innate communication between the singer and the band, and we are all lucky to receive these notes of love.

“DeWitt possesses a fine, well-honed soprano voice with a smooth and effortless upper register that only a few singers such as Rita Gamborini can boast. I was particularly taken by her beautiful Bach-like scat duet improvisation with pianist Frank Sullivan….”

Victor L. Shermer, All About Jazz,
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The tunes:

  1.  I Just Found Out About Love
  2.  It Might as Well be Spring
  3.  Alice in Wonderland
  4.  When I Fall in Love
  5.  Up Jumped Spring
  6.  For a God in Blue
  7. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To
  8.  Everybody’s Somebody’s Child
  9.  There Will Never be Another You
  10. You Taught My Heart to Sing
Live! In Concert

The first album, Live! In Concert was recorded live and is packed with hits that you love, including Cathy’s award-winning “Gamble’s Song” and Janet Rucker’s award-winning “Florida Home.” A group of five women who have been singing and playing together for many years, performing original folk, bluegrass and other acoustic music based on Florida, flora, fauna, and fun!

The tunes:

  1.  These Memories
  2.  Buffalo Gals
  3.  Real True Home
  4.  Gamble’s Song
  5.  Cripple Creek
  6.  Along the Navajo Trail
  7.  I Can’t Stand to Ramble No More
  8.  Florida Home
  9.  Ode to Palatka
  10. He May Be Your Man
  11. People are Like Wildflowers
  12. Your Presence is My favorite Gift
  13. It’s My Party