Arts in Medicine


Natural Awakenings

Music Creates Cultural Community

Music: The Universal Language of Healing

Sing Out! Magazine

Mark O'Conner: Blurring the Boundaries


Florida Center for Creative Aging

This organization's bimonthly e-newsletter, which I edited in 2005.

Society for the Arts in Healthcare

From 2001 to 2004 Cathy edited The SAH News, available online as SAH Connections.

VSA arts of Florida

"Piece By Piece:  Creating Successful Arts in Healthcare Programs."  This 56-page document was commissioned and funded by VSA arts of Florida, and features Shands Arts in Medicine as the model program.  Several other programs in the state of Florida are showcased, as well as the artists who make the programs work.  "Piece By Piece" is written as both a How-To document and as a record of the fine work done by VSA and all these program sites. First published in 2001; second edition in 2003.

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Piece By Piece

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