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Cathy's work at Shands Arts in Medicine


The success of your arts in healing program depends on properly trained musicians and artists, and the creation of community in the healthcare setting. Cathy DeWitt, Shands/UF Healthcare Musician in Residence since 1995 and national consultant in arts and health, offers specific workshops and residencies to help you successfully experience and share the healing power of music in your facility. Her programs are user-friendly and designed to produce results right away.

In Cathy's training programs you will learn to:

  • Screen, train and organize artists
  • Choose the right music and instruments for different situations
  • Establish a sense of trust from administrators, nurses, doctors and staff
  • Create community partners for increasing resources & public awareness
  • Utilize successful fundraising techniques
  • Learn the secrets of recruiting and retaining artists
  • Harness the power of music to transform the hospital experience

Here are a few samples of Cathy’s workshops which can be customized for your situation, whether your program is in its infancy or you are looking to take it to the next level.

• Nuts, Bolts & Notes: Building a Hospital Arts and Music Program from the Ground Floor Up
This workshop shows the best ways to start, expand and maintain an arts in healing program in your healthcare setting.

• Marketing Your Program: From Recruitment to the Gala Fund-Raiser!
Learn to use partnerships, public relations and the press to enhance awareness in the community and visibility within the institution.

• Melody, Memory, Modes, and Moods: Using Music to Trigger Memories, Create Community and Enhance Mood.
This program has an experiential aspect, and offers a specialization for Alzheimer’s and dementia clients. Explore the unique way music creates both an individual subjective experience and a community experience.


An eclectic professional musician, Cathy DeWitt is internationally known within the Arts in Healthcare field as a musician-in-residence, performer, lecturer, and presenter of educational and experiential workshops on Music & Healing, Creating Successful Arts in Healthcare Programs, and research results connecting Creativity & Healthy Aging.

Cathy has shared the stage and the airwaves with Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, Garrison Keillor, and jazz pianists Dave Frischberg and Rob Bargad. She has been a guest speaker and musician at churches, spiritual retreats and conferences throughout the country, and has provided music for Bernie Seigel, Alan Cohen, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and others. A jazz vocalist and pianist, guitarist and award-winning songwriter, she serves on the board of the Gainesville Friends of Jazz and is the Music Director at Unity of Gainesville. She is a nationally published writer, a public radio host, and a concert producer. In 1995 she found an unexpected setting for her musical versatility: the Shands Arts in Medicine program in Gainesville, Florida, where she has spent over fifteen years creating a pioneering, world-renowned Music in Medicine program. From piano playing in the hospital lobby to elevator singalongs, from hallway concerts to bedside harp in the ICUs, Cathy uses music to transform the hospital environment and the patient experience.

As an expert in the field she was commissioned by VSA Florida and the Department of State to write and edit “Piece by Piece: Building Successful Arts in Healthcare Programs.” This handbook is based on multiple consultations with healthcare facilities throughout the state. Since then she continues to present workshops and seminars for universities, arts agencies, hospitals, and eldercare facilities. She is a national consultant for the Society for the Arts in Healthcare and a certified trainer for the National Center for Creative Aging. Her clients include Vanderbilt University, San Diego Hospice, the Alzheimer’s Association, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and the Royal Hospital in London. She is the winner of a Fetzer Grant for her Healing Music Programs, the Florida Arts Council Individual Artist Enhancement Grant, the National League of Penwomen Award for Music, and the 2010 Musician of the Year in her home town of Gainesville, Florida.


Contact Cathy to bring her to your hospital, hospice, elder care, or any location that needs a boost in setting up a music or arts in healing program.