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At long last, Patchwork Rides Again! Yes, "it's been ten long years..." (since the last one), but the new CD from Florida's fabulous five, flat pickin', fiddlin' females is finally here. Patchwork Rides Again, recorded live at the Thomas Center in January of 2005, is a constantly surprising sampling of the group's eclectic tastes -- it creates a musical cuisine with something for everybody.

The recording includes original music like the award-winning "My Heart Belongs to Florida", jazz tunes like "It Don't Mean a Thing (if it Ain't got That Swing)", rhythm & bluesgrass like Aretha Franklin's "Rescue Me", bluegrass tunes like "Thank Heavens for Dale Evans", and Stephen Stills' rock classic "Helplessly Hoping."

The Tunes (Click on highlighted songs to hear a short sample):
1. My Heart Belongs to Florida
2. My Heart That You Hold
3. Sail Away Ladies
4. Florida Sand
5. Helplessly Hoping/Round the Horn
6. Shady Grove
7. Ichetucknee
8. Thank Heavens for Dale Evans
9. Rescue Me
10. Slow Dancing
11. O'Leno Blues
12. Banks of the Suwannee
13. It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing)


And check out Patchwork's first recording - purchase here!

Live in Concert!

The Players (L to R):

  • Cathy DeWitt Vocals, Guitar, Piano
  • Janet Rucker Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
  • Paula Tyner Vocals, Bass
  • Tammy Murray Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar
  • Jolene Jones Vocals, Ma ndolin
  • The Songs:

    1. These Memories
    2. Buffalo Gals
    3. Real True Home
    4. Gamble's Song (The Waves Roll In)
    5. Cripple Creek
    6. Along the Navajo Trail
    7. I Can't Stand to Ramble No More
    8. Florida Home
    9. Ode to Palatka
    10. He May be Your Man....
    11. People Are Like Wildflowers
    12. Your Presence is My Favorite Gift
    13. It's My Party






    "A woman just can't have too many shoes, or banjos." 
                                                                   -Tammy Murray

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